Electromagnetic Field Surveys offers very unique and specialized testing services and recommended solutions to those with various questions and problems over a broad spectrum of issues including health and safety.  Other concerns might be “Are my employees working in a safe environment?” and we can answer that to the latest research and standards so far established.  We can also address issues relating to those private individuals who have suspicions that their families are living in an unsafe environment.

These issues are of vital importance to us as well, because our consultants are also exposed to high magnetic and electric fields in other segments of our business services, but for far shorter durations than the average electrical utility lineman or anyone living 24/7 with sustained levels of electromagnetic radiation pollution.  The incidence of cancer in linemen is much higher that the normal population not withstanding their daily high voltage risk factors.  It is not uncommon to be exposed to magnetic fields exceeding 1 gauss in switchgear rooms and electric fields exceeding 2000 vm outside near high voltage power lines.  The magnetic fields decay rather rapidly but the high voltage electric fields can radius nearly 500 ft. from overhead lines to be in the established lower exposure “safety zone”.  Burying the high voltage electric lines is the answer to the electric field issue but that also has its cost issues.  We as a society have a collision course here – higher electric rates are coming with newer grid designs.

The electric power industry is in a bit of a quandary with providing the public a service, yet may be harming their customers by surrounding them with high electromagnetic fields. This will be resolved by others in the future as to the acceptable safety and design of the nation’s electric power grids (They are contending its safe.).  EMF, ELF hazards (and harmonics) are beginning to be known and research has been going on for decades.  There is an evolving European standard of 2 milligauss magnetic and 10 vm electric field maximum exposure for long term human safety.  OSHA may decide on an even higher standard being proposed.

We are not safe in our homes or work when a contractor uses common shortcuts to save copper wire and worker time in our businesses and homes.  This can expose us to unnecessary harmful sustained levels of low frequency electromagnetic radiation pollution.  Magnetic fields are not easily attenuated with common materials such as metallic conduit etc.   Distance, electrical rerouting, fault resolution, redesign or expensive exotic materials barriers are the answer.

Our company first got involved in these issues in the early nineties when little research was conclusive about the harmful biological effects of high electric and magnetic fields (There is debate even today) – they always accompany each other and they are everywhere.  This was to evaluate the health effects if any, to exchange trading floor operations personnel / brokers, etc. by the extensive array of video monitors they were always in close proximity with.  As it pans out the exchange management was quite insightful.  It was not uncommon to find more than a 15 milligauss magnetic fields at an older technology workstation.  The Swedish government established a standard and there evolved a series of standards concerning video monitors.  Hence look at your current monitor and probably you will see a “TCO’03” sticker / logo somewhere on the monitor front establishing its radiation hazard safety.  If not, get a new monitor – preferably a newer LCD type.  They offer the least radiation pollution of our environment.

Should you require additional information please review this website and other associated divisions of our company or give us a call to discuss your issues.  Perhaps we could guide you by phone or if necessary travel to your site and evaluate your situation and provide a report with issues found and recommendations.  We only offer services to clients and are completely independent to make objective choices in solutions and recommendations.  Our costs with included report are only Time and Expenses.